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If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, you need to speak with a Utah bicycle accident attorney now. You pay us nothing… until we win. Call for a free consultation with a Utah injury lawyer.

Cycling is a relaxing and fun way to exercise and enjoy the state of Utah, and the last thing most people want to think about when they’re going to relax is what they will do if they are injured.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before going on a bike trip. While attorneys would prefer people not be injured, and therefore not become our law firm’s clients, the reality is bike accidents and injuries occur.

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Having an attorney to assist you after an accident can make all the difference in the world. If you’ve been injured in a Utah bike accident, contact an attorney at Creekside Injury Law today for a consultation.

Do I need a Utah bicycle accident attorney?

After you’ve been involved in a bicycle crash, you may have a limited amount of time before you can file a claim. Having an attorney handle your bicycle accident case will take pressure off of you and your family at a time when you are having to recover from an injury.

We have helped our clients recover money from their bike accident cases. The bicycle accident lawyer at Creekside Injury Law firm helps clients navigate the confusing territory of a bicycle accident claim, and can get you the compensation you need.

The insurance company already has a team of bike accident attorneys – you should have one too.

What should I do if I’m in a Utah bicycle crash?

Before going on one of the many bike or road trails in Salt Lake, or around all of Utah, bring your cell phone with you. In addition to your cell phone, bring some kind of identification, and emergency contact information. This will place you in a better position if you happen to be involved in a bicycle crash.

Injured folks regret not bringing their phones, causing them to miss out on photographic evidence, or the ability to call for help.


Your health and safety should be the top priority in any case. If you or a loved one are the victim of a bicycle accident, especially one involving a car, call 911 and seek medical attention.

Once you have ensured your safety, or the safety of your loved one and family members, there are a few things you should do.

After being involved in a Utah bicycle accident:

  • Photograph anything that might be relevant. This can include any physical injury, any property damage, the car, any bikes that were involved, and the scene of the accident itself.
  • Leave your bicycle where it is. Police can determine a lot of information about the case by looking at the location and condition of bicycles after a collision has occurred. This information will become important when you speak to a Utah bike accident lawyer.
  • Get the names and insurance information from any involved party. This can include the driver of the involved car, any passengers, or even another cyclist who was nearby and saw what happened.
  • DO NOT post about your bicycle accident on social media, and never admit fault. Many cases become compromised because of a careless comment or photo shared about the case online. Insurance companies, private investigators, and even other attorneys may be hired to look into your case and they will review your social media accounts.
  • Don’t make any statements about your case until you speak with a bicycle accident attorney. The industry professionals at Creekside Injury Law employ an experienced bicycle accident attorney, and as one of our clients, we can assist you with your case.

Your Rights as a Utah cyclist

Bike accident lawyers know how enjoyable it is to cycle. As cycling becomes more and more popular, it is important to understand your rights when it comes to cycling. All cyclists should be on the same page about their rights, and how to enjoy those rights.

Your bicycle is considered to be a car when it is on the road, and as such you have the same rights as any other vehicle on the road. You have the right to use the road, just like everyone else in their car, or on their bike.

While many motorists may not like it, their feelings do not change the fact that bikes have every right to be on the roadway. Utah has enacted numerous laws regarding bikes, and motorists are required to obey them as they are any other traffic laws.

If someone has violated your rights as a Utah cyclist, an attorney at Creekside Injury Law can help you get compensated for it. Let us help you get compensation for the damage you suffered as the result of a Utah bike accident.


What are the common causes of Utah bike accidents? 

Many people don’t know that the most common bicycle accidents occur when cyclists are hit by drivers between 20 and 24 years old. This comes as a surprise to many Utahns, who blame older drivers for bicycle accidents. In fact – drivers over 75 are actually the least likely to be involved in a bike crash with a cyclist.

The most common behaviors involving negligence that leads to bike accidents are:

  • Texting
  • Driving carelessly
  • Going through stop signs without stopping
  • Not yielding to cyclists who have the right of way

What are some common injuries suffered in a Utah bicycle accident?

Have you ever seen someone riding a horse? It looks like fun, but also a little bit scary, right? Being up on top of a large moving object that is capable of making its own decisions is intimidating, but consider this: bike accident injuries are second in seriousness only to horseback riding accidents.

Next time you go cycling, consider the need for appropriate safety precautions.

Serious injuries can come from a bike accident, including spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. These injuries can be made worse for those who do not have appropriate protection, like helmets and other safety gear.

Depending on how the bike accident occurs, including how the cyclist is hit, how they hit the road, and many other factors (even impacts that seem minor) can result in death. If the way these factors all work together seem confusing, don’t be worried – this is why bike accident lawyers are here to assist you with your injury claim.

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The Most Common injuries sustained while cycling are:

  • Head injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Lost teeth and other dental injuries
  • Road rash
  • Punctured lungs
  • Abdominal injuries, such as ruptured intestines

The Most Common factors contributing to injuries in the cycling community are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weather
  • Time of day
  • Improper use of safety gear, including not using safety gear at all
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication
  • Involvement of a car or truck in the accident

These factors will contribute to your case, and the attorney at Creekside Injury Law is well equipped to explain how your case will be affected by any or all of the above considerations.

Basic Bicycle laws in Utah:

There are some basic bicycle laws in Utah that you should be aware of before going out on your next bicycle adventure.

Bicycle equipment laws

Bikes are required to provide some kind of audible signal when passing a pedestrian.

Bikes must have brakes, and those brakes must be capable of stopping the bike within 25 feet while it is travelling at a speed of 10mph.

Bikes are not allowed to have sirens or whistles attached to them.

On the roadway

Bicycles are required to drive in the same direction as traffic. Even if there is a dedicated bike lane, cyclists must ride as far to the right as possible.


Bikes may pass vehicles on the right by driving off of the roadway.

Cyclists may not ride more than two bikes side by side at any given time. If riding in this manner would impede traffic, then they may not ride side by side at all.

Bicycles may be specifically prohibited from certain areas, and it is illegal to ride a bike in those areas.

Cyclists may not attach themselves to other vehicles, whether by some kind of device, or by grabbing ahold.

Bikes must yield to pedestrians.


Bikes may be parked on sidewalks, so long as there is no sign saying not to.


Bikes may be parked on the roadway where vehicles would be allowed to park, as long as the bike is within 12 inches of a curb and is not blocking any other vehicles.

Cyclists are subject to all other vehicle laws, such as red lights, stop signs, one way roads, and signs prohibiting right turns against red lights.


Cyclists are required to signal turns or lane changes using accepted hand signals. The hand signals include:

  • Left turn – left hand and arm extended horizontally.
  • Right turn – left hand and arm extended upward or right hand and arm extended horizontally.
  • Stop or decrease speed – left hand and arm extended downward.

For more information on bicycle laws, visit https://highwaysafety.utah.gov/pedestrian-and-bicycle-safety/bicycle-safety/

Utah Bicycle Crash Stats:

In 2020, there were 465 bike accidents, and 8 of them were fatal. Many of these accidents were preventable, but all of them are tragic, life altering events.

If you’ve been involved in a Utah bicycle accident, contact an attorney.

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These are sobering numbers. Worse still, of all the fatal crashes on Utah roads in 2020, approximately 3% are bicycle involved. These statistics point strongly to the need for cyclists to protect themselves, and we have included suggestions to prevent collisions and injuries below.

If you’ve been involved in a Utah bicycle accident, whether in Salt Lake, or anywhere in Utah, contact a Creekside Injury Law attorney for a free consultation.

How Can Utah Cyclists Prevent Bicycle Accidents?

Because not every bicycle accident can be prevented, the first thing any cyclists should do is wear a helmet. Helmets can prevent death and other head injuries in the event of a bike accident. Proper head protection is critical to any cyclist.

In addition to wearing a helmet, cyclists should consider doing the following:

  • Before cycling in a group, make sure you and your family or friends are on the same page. Know your destination, the route you are planning to take, and any rest stops along the way. Salt Lake City, UT, for example, maintains a list of bike paths and trails online, making planning a cycling trip easy.
  • Know the cycling laws, and know the traffic laws. Cities may pass their own laws for cyclists, so a general Utah bicycle law may be different than a law in Logan, UT or Salt Lake City, UT. Knowing what the local laws are for cycling allows cyclists to anticipate the movement of cars, and possibly prevent a collision before it happens. Fortunately if the worst happens, a bicycle accident lawyer at Creekside Injury Law is familiar with cycling laws and other laws affecting cyclists around all of Utah, and will know of any laws at play in your case.
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing. If riding as a family, have all family members wear bright, reflective clothing. This kind of clothing serves as another layer of protection, and increases your visibility to cars and people.
  • Outfit your bike with safety gear, such as mirrors, reflectors, and lights. These all serve as another kind of protection, increasing your visibility, and preventing injury.

Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 85%. The importance of proper protection while cycling can not be overstated.

What are the responsibilities of drivers to Utah bicyclists?

Drivers have the same responsibilities to bicycles that they have to other drivers. In Utah, a bike is considered to be a vehicle when it is being ridden on the roadway. In addition to the regular rules of the road, other drivers can not pass within three feet of a moving bicycle, and may not attempt to distract a bicyclist in order to cause a collision or force them off the road.


Just as with vehicles, motorists are required to stop if they are involved in a collision involving a bike. A driver of a car must provide insurance information after being involved in a bike accident, just as though they had been in an accident with another vehicle.

What types of compensation might I receive after my Utah bike accident?

Your compensation will depend on the facts of your case. Simple factors such as whether or not traffic laws or cycling laws were violated, whether you were using the bike lane, and types of injuries will all affect your compensation.

For example, the compensation for a spinal cord injury or brain injury will be much different than compensation for road rash.

When you have a consultation with a lawyer from Creekside Injury Law, we will help you figure out what your case might be worth.

Common Forms of Compensation for a Utah Bike Accident:

  • Payment for emotional distress that came about as a result of the bike accident.
  • Loss of earning capacity due to permanent injury from the bike accident.
  • Lost wages due to the inability to work.
  • Payment of medical expenses, including rehabilitation expenses, and costs of psychological treatment needed as a result of the bicycle accident.
  • Long term care, such as in home nursing care.
  • Payment for future medical expenses that will be incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Wrongful death payments.

A Utah bicycle accident attorney can help you with the specifics of your case, and see if other forms of compensation might be available.

Bicycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Is the driver of a car always the one at fault in a Utah bicycle accident?

Not always, no. In some cases the cyclist can be at fault, if for example they violated one of the traffic cycling laws. Careful investigations have to be done in all cases, and bike accident lawyers know what kind of things to look for to protect your rights, including your rights to use the road.


A bicycle accident lawyer at Creekside Injury Law firm can determine for our clients who was at fault in bike crash cases.

I was the victim, will my bike accident case be handled in a civil or criminal court?

Your Utah bicycle accident claim will be handled in civil court. Some cases can also involve criminal elements, such as when the driver of a car was DUI and was involved in a Utah bicycle accident. Even if your case involves something criminal, your case will be handled in civil court by bicycle accident attorneys.

Will the car insurance from the other driver in my Utah bicycle accident cover my injury claim and other expenses?

The good news is that in most cases, Utah cyclists are allowed to make claims against car insurance policies for an injury claim, property damage, or any other expense arising from their cases. Bike accident lawyers help clients recover from insurance companies, and the team here can help you recover in your bike accident case as well.

Contact a Utah bicycle accident lawyer today to get the process started in your case.

What are my rights regarding different options for financial recovery from my bicycle accident case?

As discussed above, you can file a claim with an insurance company for injuries or damages arising from a bicycle accident case. The insurance company will review your claim, and decide what to pay out based on what is best for them and their company.

It should come as no surprise that the insurance company’s job is not to get you the best settlement, but instead is to give you as little as possible to protect their bottom line. Only bringing a claim against an insurance company can leave you with unpaid bills, personal property that isn’t fixed, and injuries that aren’t recovering.

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You also have the option to bring a personal injury claim against the other party in court. A bicycle accident attorney at Creekside Injury Law can assist you in this process, as they have for many other clients, and maximize the amount of money you get.

Bringing a personal injury claim to the courts opens up additional doors for compensation, allowing you to recover more than what an insurance policy may be limited to. As medical costs go up, having a lawyer to fight for you against the insurance company, and against the other party, just makes sense. Don’t limit your recovery after a Utah bicycle accident by representing yourself.

Are bicycle accident lawyers able to tell me how much my accident case is worth?

The value of a bicycle accident claim varies depending on the facts of the case. A consultation with accident lawyers will help determine the value of your case. During the consultation, a bicycle accident attorney will discuss the nature of your injuries with you. A Bike accident lawyer will also want to know if you missed work because of the accident, the cost of any injuries arising from the case, and the extent of any emotional suffering caused by the accident.

When you contact us, a Utah bicycle accident lawyer will speak with your about your case. The bike accident lawyer handling your case will establish an attorney client relationship with you, and discuss how much your bike crash accident may be worth.