Study Confirms: Injury Victims With A Lawyer Get Settlements 3.5 Times Larger

In 2014, the Insurance Research Council released a research report entitled, “Attorney Involvement in Auto Injury Claims.

The study confirmed that, on average, injury victims who were represented by a lawyer received settlements more than 3.5 times larger than those who settled on their own (without a lawyer).

This finding mirrors the results of previous studies done by the insurance industry (some date as far back as the late 20th century).

An Example

Accordingly, if an insurance company paid someone not represented by a lawyer $10,000 dollars, then a person with the exact same injury who was represented by a lawyer would likely receive around $35,000 dollars.

That is an extra $25,000 in settlement dollars.

Settlement Without Lawyer$10,000
Settlement With Lawyer$35,000
Difference $25,000

Of course, there is a fee for hiring an injury lawyer.  At Creekside Injury Law, we only get paid when you get paid.

Therefore, you will not pay us anything up-front.  Instead, we will work to get you the largest settlement possible and then we will get a percentage of the settlement.

Most injury lawyers take 33.34% of the settlement.  However, we normally only take 30% of the settlement.

Here’s how it looks:

Settlement Without Lawyer$10,000
Settlement With Lawyer$35,000
Increase $25,000
Creekside Injury Law’s %30%
Settlement After Our Fees$24,500
Increase After Our Fees$14,500

As you can see, even with our legal fees, the total settlement is $14,500 dollars larger than settling an injury case without our help.

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